Jon Decker’s recent piece, “AARP’s Electioneering Poses Conflict of Interest,” January 15, reads similar to all the other opinions that big drug companies and their front groups recycle. American Commitment claims to speak for older Americans, but they are funded by big drug companies.

Let’s set the record straight: AARP is fiercely non-partisan and does not give money to or endorse candidates. We engage with both sides of the aisle to advocate on behalf of older Americans. Our ‘get out the vote efforts’ focused on providing Americans 50+ with trusted information about the 2022 elections and holding candidates accountable.

AARP helped voters 50+ make their voices heard on the issues that matter – especially lowering prescription drug prices and stopping big drug companies from ripping off seniors and taxpayers, protecting and strengthening Social Security and Medicare, and fighting to make sure every worker has a chance to save for retirement so they can take control of their future.

To suggest otherwise is a lie.

More broadly, AARP has been a strong advocate to lower drug prices for seniors and save American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. The new law finally gives Medicare the power to negotiate to lower the price of prescription drugs. It’s a commonsense approach that has overwhelming support from voters across the political spectrum. But the big drug companies have fought against it for decades while seniors suffered.

Big drug companies are not happy about it and now they are spreading misinformation and scare tactics to try to confuse the public and protect their profits. Don’t be fooled.

Here is the truth: medicines only work if patients can afford them. That’s why AARP will keep fighting to stop big drug companies from charging us the highest prices in the world. 

Right now, the new law limits the cost of insulin in Medicare to $35 a month; makes vaccines, such as the shingles vaccine, available at no cost in Medicare; and penalizes drug companies for raising their prices higher than inflation. It will also give people in Medicare drug plans peace of mind by phasing in an annual cap so they won’t have to pay more than $2,000 a year for their medications 

The drug companies have had a sweet deal for a long time, and they are not going to give up easily. AARP stood up to their army of lobbyists, millions of dollars in misleading advertising and a massive war chest — and we won. Now, we won’t stop fighting until all Americans 50-plus can afford their medications.