Few things animate American voters as the cost of gasoline, which affects everything from their weekly commute to the price of toilet paper at the supermarket. A spike in prices at the pump can take a serious bite out of the weekly budget of middle-class families. 


Energy prices have enormous sway over the health of the economy. Even when supply and demand fundamentals point in the right direction, a price bump of just a few cents at the pump – whether due to hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico or market manipulation by the OPEC cartel – can sour the entire outlook, depleting savings and driving up the cost of everything.  


For evidence, look no further than the most recent inflation data, which showed higher gas prices accounted for more than half of the overall Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase.


Elected officials and pundits are invariably quick to identify a scapegoat for gas price increases. But they’re far less eager to opine about the underlying causes of the high prices in the first place. 


Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) unveiled his plan to right America’s energy policy, emphasizing an evidence-based approach to prioritizing domestic production, self-reliance, and affordability. 


The DeSantis plan would have us take advantage of our nation’s unmatched energy resources again and insulate voters from the wild price swings and policy reversals that have become commonplace in recent years.


First, and most importantly, DeSantis seeks to restore American energy dominance across the board – not through increased oil and gas development alone, but by also revitalizing the nuclear sector, ramping up energy exports, redoubling the focus on the role of energy dominance in our national security, including refilling the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and creating a domestic critical mineral industry to meet the needs of renewable and other advanced energy technologies.


The plan also focuses on the future of the American automobile by rethinking tax subsidies and incentives that unfairly skew the free market toward things like electric vehicles.


The list of proposed actions equals a broad reconsideration of the more recent policy steps that have contributed to an erosion in our energy security over the past several years. From reducing the influence of unelected bureaucrats at federal agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency and streamlining the permitting process to cutting the legal foot-dragging that has weighed so heavily on private investment in critical infrastructure, this is an energy platform rooted in reality, not idealism.


The DeSantis plan would reduce our reliance on hostile regimes, including China and Saudi Arabia, for the resources we need and generate wealth and opportunities here in America. 


If there is a gimmick in Gov. DeSantis’ plan, it’s a highly appealing one. DeSantis announced upon unveiling his energy plan that his goal is to see the return of $2 gas in the first year of his presidency. As a campaign pledge, $2 gas is catchy and populist. It’s also politically prudent and achievable.


That’s the difference between the DeSantis plan and the logic that’s guided America’s energy policy for too long. The Desantis’ plan is built on a clear understanding of the vast natural resources and human ingenuity that makes America a global energy superpower.


It’s not simply about producing more oil and gas, although that’s in there. It’s not just about permitting reform or building long-overdue infrastructure projects. It’s about strengthening all of these pillars together. 


It’s about ensuring the administration running the country supports America’s energy workers and listens to every American who depends on reliable, affordable energy in their daily lives. 


Americans are tired of being told what types of energy they can and cannot use. They deserve an energy policy that makes America strong, creates jobs, and stimulates the economy.


Energy policy isn’t particularly complicated, but it’s become politicized to the point where it’s no longer about what’s cheap and reliable but how it makes certain groups feel. Energy should make you feel warm, secure, and wealthy – not insecure and poor.


Ron DeSantis understands this, and his energy platform is just the latest example of the vision and backbone that, I believe, make him the best choice when it comes to restoring America’s greatness. 


DeSantis earned my vote in Florida as governor. He’ll have my support in the presidential primary as he lines up against a field currently dominated by perhaps the most flawed major party nominee in our nation’s history. And he’ll have my vote when it comes time to cast ballots next November.